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Welcome to Chic & Cozy Consignment Furniture Store! This is a place where you can buy gently used furniture online.

The showroom is open, Tuesday - Saturday between 10:00am - 5:45pm and Sunday 10:00am - 4:45pm.

Closed on Mondays.

If you require delivery, please contact the store at (702) 778-1443 to discuss the options and prices.

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Blue/White Boho Bench
Additional Desc: Fabric

Blue/White Boho Bench, Wood, Fabric 47 In W x 17 In T Learn More

Patio Pub Table + 2 Barst
Additional Desc: 3 PC

Patio Pub Table + 2 Barst, Gray, 3 PC 43 In T x 34 In Rd Learn More

Gray Patio Loveseat
Additional Desc: Metal

Gray Patio Loveseat, Cream, Metal 50 In W Learn More

White Patio Table
Additional Desc: Light Weig

White Patio Table, Metal, Light Weig 35.5 In W x 20 In D x 15 In T Learn More

Black Patio Bench
Additional Desc: Metal

Black Patio Bench, Metal 45 In W Learn More

Chrome Candelbra
Additional Desc: 5 Candles

Chrome Candelbra, Chrome, 5 Candles 38 In T Learn More

Butcher Block Island
Additional Desc: On Wheels

Butcher Block Island, Metal, On Wheels 25 in x 20 inx 40 in tall Learn More

Glass Top Patio Table
Additional Desc: + 6 CH

Glass Top Patio Table, Black,+ 6 CH 66 in x 40 in x 30 in tall Learn More

11 BTL Cocktail Table
Additional Desc: Metal Base

11 BTL Cocktail Table, Wood, Metal Base 36 in wide x 24 in deep x 42 in tall Learn More

Microphone Accessory
Additional Desc: Mtl

Microphone Accessory, Gunmetal, Mtl 4.5 In Rd x 15 In T Learn More

Palm Tree In Metal Vase
Additional Desc: Tall

Palm Tree In Metal Vase, Greenery, Tall 101 In T Learn More

S/6 Cream/Gray Chairs
Additional Desc: Wood Legs

S/6 Cream/Gray Chairs, Nailhead, Wood Legs 21 In W x 20 In T Learn More