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Welcome to Chic & Cozy Consignment Furniture Store! This is a place where you can buy gently used furniture online.

At this time, the showroom is open, Tuesday - Saturday between 10:00am - 5:45pm and Sunday 10:00am - 4:45pm.

Closed on Mondays.

If you require delivery, please contact the store at (702) 778-1443 to discuss the options and prices.

Look for new items to be posted daily.

Thank you so much!

Beach Rules
Additional Desc: Canvas Wra

Beach Rules, Blue, Canvas Wrap 12" x 12" Learn More

Green Plant Stand
Additional Desc: Kids Chair

Green Plant Stand, Green, Kids Chair 13" wide x 11" deep x 36" tall Learn More

Set Of 2-Cow/Pig Pictures
Additional Desc: In Box

Set Of 2-Cow/Pig Pictures, Blue, In Box Each 13" x 13" Learn More

Tall Boy Dresser
Additional Desc: 10 Drawer

Tall Boy Dresser, Wood, 10 Drawer 40" wide x 19" deep x 63" tall Learn More

Set Of 2 Nightstands
Additional Desc: 3 Drawer

Set Of 2 Nightstands, Wood, 3 Drawer 26" wide x 17" dep x 28" tall Learn More

Colorful City Scape
Additional Desc: Canvas Wra

Colorful City Scape, Blue, Canvas Wrap 36" wide x 18" tall Learn More

T-Shaped Desk
Additional Desc: 6 Pieces

T-Shaped Desk, Wood, 6 Pieces 99" wide x 82" tall Desk is 60" wide Learn More

Lg Lake Picture
Additional Desc: OR Coast

Lg Lake Picture, Wood, Oregon Coast 54" wide x 45" tall Learn More

Electric Brown Recliner
Additional Desc: Electric

Electric Brown Recliner, Brown, Electric 36" wide Learn More

Wicker Arm Chair
Additional Desc: Double Wic

Wicker Arm Chair, Wicker, Double Wicker 31" wide x 26" deep x 41" tall Learn More

Queen Canvas Headboard
Additional Desc: Nail Head

Queen Canvas Headboard, Beige, Nail Head 62" wide x 55" tall Learn More

Gold Lady Platter
Additional Desc: Lady

Gold Lady Platter, Gold, Lady 16" wide Learn More